More Hawaii layouts

Blacks had a special on 8X10’s a while back so I took advantage of it…here is another Hawaii page . My husband drew the letters while I focused and waited for the waves to arrive at just the right time before they washed our creation away. 🙂 The colors are less green in real life.

This photo is of the condo we stayed in Makaha, Oahu last fall. I used the Madera Island line from SEI – ribbon, paper, embellishments – very Hawaiian! Sorry the scan got a little cut off on the bottom. We were on the fifth floor, looking out over the ocean….take a look at that beach!!…and the sky and the mountains and the vegitation…it was about 30C every day.

Thank you all for your prayers for my Dad! They are truly appreciated and knowing that there are people taking him to our Lord – people that do not even know him, really blesses me. So thank you for all your kind words. The update from my sister tonight is that Dad is really improving today – finally!! We were so worried, but he IS improving and if this continues, with some rehab we hope to have him home next week. God is good!

Blessings to each of you!



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