Another Hawaii page

This page was fun and so easy…did it while I was waiting for my husband to get off my computer Saturday morning. Done in 30 minutes – I love it when a page just happens! David so seldom uses my computer that I told him go ahead, finish what you are doing and I’ll organize all the stuff I picked up at JSI while working the other night….love this new paper – well it isn’t new but since it sold out so fast last time we have it in again..and it s beautiful. Pulled it out of the bag and put my photo on it. Yes! This would work, added some flowers, found some shimmer brads, exacto knife some of the swirls around the photo….pull out those fab Basic Grey chip board letters..add a little paint, some sparkles and shimmer mist, let them dry and out the door for coffee with my sweetheart. Home and glue it all together..gel pen on black paper for the journalling – done.

The best part of this wonderful day off, is that I just spent the last three hours playing on my husband new laptop (so why was he on my computer? more convenient) His computer has Windows Vista (learning curve) AND…get this!!!! It has Photoshop CS2 – YES!! So I have been reading a lot and learning all it can do – very powerful. I HAVE to take a Photoshop course.

I was able to scan my page on my own computer, and then went to the laptop to access the two scanned files off the home network from my computer to his laptop. I know this tech stuff is confusing but I love that I can access my photo files from his laptop because that is where CS2 is. I used photomerge in CS2 to merge the two scanned files together. And now I have uploaded it to my blog – voila!.

This learning curve is all in preparation for any holidays he might spring on me?? I can take photos, edit them and upload them to my blog…no matter where I am in the world (well if they have wireless Internet that is…but it is everywhere!) This is so much fun…why am I a nurse? oh yea it pays for all the toys and several bills! LOL

Today’s fun…….

Oh how I love Hawaii! It is such a beautiful place.
Journalling reads…. Bliss: noun – supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment;
the joy of heaven/paradise; cause of great joy.
Mahalo for letting me share my day with you!

6 thoughts on “Another Hawaii page

  1. Great View! FYI, more spectacular ocean views are available for scrapbooking from Sea Star Deluxe Suite. But, I am betting reservations are needed soon to ensure best view.
    Fellow traveller

  2. Hmmmm…could this anonoymous (Fellow Traveller) comment be from my secret someone who is trying to wisk me away to Amore By the Sea?

  3. Oh thank you Ralna – I found this

    Regime vs. regimen

    Some people insist that “regime” should be used only in reference to
    governments, and that people who say they are following a dietary regime should instead use “regimen”; but “regime” has been a synonym of “regimen” for over a century, and is widely accepted in that sense.

    Someone once told me I was wrong to use the word “regime” but aha! I was right!!


    The plural form of “you” pronounced as “youse” is heard mainly in satire
    on the speech of folks from Brooklyn. It’s not standard English, since “you” can be either singular or plural without any change in spelling or pronunciation.

    The things you learn every day!!

  4. your layouts are amazing! i love the little details you add. bliss indeed. and your photos are outstanding! Thanks for sharing!

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