Fellowship and Winter

A few more of the year 2000 album layouts. This first one is of New Years Eve – so YES I am almost done the year!! Can anyone from Grace Fellowship find themselves in this 8 yr old photo? Some of these young lads have sure grown up! 🙂

These were not great colours (yellow and pink??) or pictures to work with (transparency to the rescue!!) but the kids are having such fun making a snowman – likely Nov of 2000. For those of you whose children were born after the dawning of the digital age…consider yourselves very fortunate. 🙂 Your photos are dated and waiting to be edited for that perfect look.

My scanner cut off the bottom of this layout a wee bit. I added glimmer brads and those snow flakes and flowers were sprayed with silver glimmer mist – that stuff is very cool!

Thanks for letting me share!



One thought on “Fellowship and Winter

  1. Hey Julie,
    I’ve been thinking of and praying for you today… and for your dad and mom. Just wanted to let you know that.:)

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