scrapbooking recovery!

In the rush (and scrapping should never be rushed) to finish all my pictures from the year 2000 because it is taking 4EVER to get them done, I tried to throw together this page of Harold’s 19th birthday. I disliked it from the get go but you know sometimes they grow on you – this one did not! Add some embellishments? Nope – not even that would save this page so this morning I ripped it apart – yup the whole thing. Have you ever done that? I have only once before…actually I just took the pictures off and threw the page in the garbage it was that bad!

I am embarrassed to show you but hey I think I have made a recovery. Now isn’t this just aweful?

So after pulling it apart, I scanned the photos and edited them in Photoshop and printed them in the sizes I wanted. I was going for simple and this new and improved page just came together. I even used a few of the scraps from the previous disaster. Nothing fantastic – just there, but all I wanted to say on the page was that he was nineteen. The pictures, the gifts, Grandpa C sitting beside him, his smile, the cake – they all do the journalling for me.

Tell me your worst page scenario. 🙂


6 thoughts on “scrapbooking recovery!

  1. I love the re do! Yes, I have done that many times too. While working on the book for Jaime I did quite a few pages more that once! I also used Gesso to cover a multitude of “mistakes” – Vicki doesn’t like me to call them mistakes:-).
    Yes, hubby is still building and rebuilding our page!!!! It must run in the family. you will be the first to know when its out there!
    We had Kurt and Kendall for dinner – what a wonderful time we had with them!

  2. I think we have all gone thru recoveries on a page or two. Some I am still working on. I love the new “19” page, it’s simple, but it works so well! I think the varied photo sizes helped! Gave the page more of a focal point!

  3. I used to make so much fun of Cindy when she would redo a page and then I started doing it too. If a page never grows on me and I still hate it after a little while, I redo it. Usually pull off all the pictures and toss the rest of the page (unless there are embellies I can salvage!). I love that you changed the color of the pictures – makes a big difference.

  4. There’s no such thing as “mistakes”, that’s my motto:) Love the re-do…some of my favorite pages have come from taking apart, rebuilding and adding layers to “bad starts”, as I call them.

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