Shopping Spree!

Oh my!! I went to Don’s photo yesterday with the intention of getting some advice on some teeny red spots on my camera sensors – a few pixels that were causing grief. I also wanted to pick a few brains about cameras. Those guys know everything in there! I use an Olympus E-500 digital SLR and I am ready to invest in some serious lenses – but do I want to stay with Olympus or take the plunge and switch completely over to Canon or Nikon? Ralna (and Deb) loves Nikon – and for good reason. My son Mark is Canon guy. Both these companies take about 80% of the camera market. But Olympus is up and coming in it’s camera technology and they make excellent lenses – so Don’s photo tells me.

Just advise – thats all!!! Well the camera expert Dan (Dan at Don’s! haha) was fantastic – fixed my pixel problem in seconds – really! and then advised me (after lots of discussion) to stick with Olympus – they make excellent lenses and the new $1,700.00 E3 Olympus has all the features and then some of the best Nikon and Canon’s. My current E 500 doesn’t at all, but it is okay for now. Start saving for the E3.

Yes well this was all good news – remember you are NOT spending any money today. Just advise and get the sensor problem looked at. But my husband bless him loves to treat me and, get this, he started asking about wide angle lenses. His reasoning being if you are going to stay with Olympus dear (and your sensor problem is now fixed) then start looking at the lenses. I was tickled pink that I wans’t going to have to replace the sensor on my camera – I was up money already! With his encouragement and Dan’s salesmanship and knowledge, I could see this might get expensive.

Dan was terrific and spent tons of time with me showing me all the differences in the various wide angles available – I was getting talked into a purchase here – yikes. Then David says – show us some of the macro lenses – wow – played with this Macro for half an hour – I love it!! When Dan brought out the telephoto 1000mm lens – oh my – he said I could shoot giraffes in Kenya from the Congo! This was getting rediculous – the telephoto goes back on the shelf right now!

So Happy birthday to me! A month early! Had I gone in there by myself this would not have happened – but when you see the lens that is perfect, he offers you a deal AND your husband is encouraging it – well whats a gal to do???? …think of the Visa points. This husband of mine is dangerous.

My new 50 mm Macro! Takes incredible close ups and portraits!

My new Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm 2.4-4 wide angle! Ohhh time to travel with this baby!

..and no, it is not pink!

Watch for lots of pictures…like I need more pictures to scrapbook!

Dan also convinced me to always shoot in RAW – so another learning curve with CS2. I need more time for all this fun stuff!

Enjoy the football game today!



3 thoughts on “Shopping Spree!

  1. There are dozens of digital SLR cameras on the market today; however, there are few clear or consistent guides to which ones are the best quality and most reliable. Well, Which Digital SLR Camera? has personally tested and evaluated these digital SLR cameras so to give you an easy and simple recommendation of which ones you should choose and which ones you should avoid.

  2. Thanks for the link Paige, but I don’t think a Nikon web site will give me an unbiased review. Digital Photography website discussions seem to tell me more.

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