Oh my goodness! I had 80 page loads and 47 visitors yesterday – wasn’t expecting that! And it put me over the 10,000 hits mark – and yes I have been very diligent to remove my own IP address from my counter. I even tested it to make sure it was NOT counting me…cause I visit my site a lot!! hehe My 10,000th visitor came from Winnipeg – YAHOO!! My home town!! Yup born and raised there. So wow!

Double blessing!! I got an e-mail from Canadian Scrapbooker yesterday!! YUP they are interested in publishing a two page layout I submitted eons ago. Life is full of surprises. Now I just have to figure out all the product I used and convince my son and dau-in-law to package it up carefully and mail it off. Watch for it in summer 2008!!

Oh and when I am not working, working out, taking a course or going to evening committments, I will get some cool photos uploaded with shots from my new lens. I am particularily interested in getting a landscape shot with my wide angle…okay and some great macro shots too.

Have a blessed day!



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