Scrapbook Widower

My husband handed me an article in Macleans mag the other day. . “Here, read this, It is funny” And it was. “Their houses a mess, their wives MIA, some husbands wonder where it will all end” is the byline. Do you know there is an Australian husband who blogs about being a scrapbook widow? Too funny. I got to thinking about my own husband…hmm how does he feel about my scrapbooking. I can’t say I have ever heard him complain about my scrapbooking addiction but then again I can’t say I have ever heard him complain about much at all other than minus 46 windchills – and who doesn’t! I actually think he likes my scrapbooking because when I have a free evening and head into the scrapbook room it means he can veg on the couch with the ‘clicker’ and channel hop to his content. I won’t say anything to him about being lazy and sitting in front of the TV…how can I after spending four hours in front of my copious supplies? We are both content so why rock the boat?

As most of you know I work in a retail scrapbook store
Just Scrap It! so I have access to all the new stuff, most of
which I have purchased before it even gets to room temperature! I buy a lot of stuff…but that is part of the reason I work there. I hear so many women say at the till after a purchase – throw the receipt in the garbage, the less evidence the better…and no I don’t need a bag, if he sees me come into the house with a bag he will know, I will just incorporate it into my stuff right now. I laugh! but then it occurs to me that I have never heard my husband complain about how much I spend on scrapbooking supplies….perhaps that is because I am the frugal one in this household! or maybe because he has a liking for very expensive golf clubs…..hmmm maybe I am missing something far more subtle here.

Okay I digress…click here for the link to the Macleans article that quotes Allison Orthner saying “..some women spend more per week on scrapbook accessories then they do on groceries” ALLISON!! This is NOT helping our cause here. LOL

How does your husband feel about your scrapbooking?


11 thoughts on “Scrapbook Widower

  1. LOL,I am so one of those customers that says that…lol. However, Rick loves my scrapbooking. He feels the same way as I do, and many other scrappers, its about preserving the memory. I’ve tried to expand a lot more with journaling so when the girls look back, there is more than just a picture in an album. He’s not a fan of the $$$ involved..which he doesn’t actually know how much even a piece of paper can cost…lol. We set a budget per month as to what my scrapping allowance will be, and what his “tool” allowance will be. That way we can both enjoy our hobbies.

  2. That is by far the funniest scrapping article I have ever read. It’s too funny! Although I am not married I know my boyfrined doesn’t “get” it 7 when he will actually comment on my layout he says: “Why does it look so complicated, I like the simpler ones.” That is when I say – it’s because I have to use up some of the stuff I bought & the simpler ones aren’t always as much fun! That was a great article Julie. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. LOL Theresa that is sooo true. I look at my embellishments and try to figure out how I can encorporate them onto my page…after all I bought them (for another page) so I HAVE to use them! Sometimes I feel like a page is screaming “LOOK HOW MANY EMBELLIES I USED!!” The fun is in the creating!

  4. Hey Julie, love the article. My man doesn’t complain either…he doesn’t even complain much when I have everything spread all over the kitchen table! I’m pretty lucky that way, but I can’t wait until I have more room again…for a scrapbook/hobby room!!!

  5. okay, well maybe he complains a bit…we’re living in Fernie BC now, used to be in Saskatoon. When I lived there, I could run over to the store when ever I needed. NOw I can only go when we make a trip to Calgary…then he has to come in too. But he’s still pretty good, either goes and sits down or helps me finding matching papers! SO wonderful!

  6. my husband only ever complains about the mess all over the dining room table and he rolls his eyes when I tell him
    “I’m working” he doesn’t see this as real work, just play. He’s partly right. obviously if I didn’t already own a whole scrapbook store there would be the required hiding of money spent & intergrating of new supplies. you know the same way I do my new clothes.

  7. Ralna’s man and mine should get together…the only thing he ever complains about is the mess. Which is funny because I have a whole scrapbook room and can close and LOCK the door!!! But he still complains because he “knows what it looks like in there”. LOL. I have also been at the JSI counter tossing that receipt but I’ve always been on a self imposed budget and save up my own fun money for scrapbooking so he’s never complained about that part. Thank goodness. I may have had to tip over his motorcycle.

  8. G’day. Glad you all enjoyed the article – I’d encourage you to attempt to convince your non-scrapping partners to blog about it – its vert cathartic!

  9. Too funny! My man never complains (seriously, anyways) about what I spend on scrapbooking, and he even knows it all, I don’t hide it! He loves the memories, and looking at the pages with the kids – they are the best story books. And I think he also enjoys me leaving him to watch TV while I go scrap, much the same as your hubby – then we don’t have to have ‘talks’!!!

  10. Allison Orthner here… I’m glad everyone’s getting a bit of a laugh about this article! The interview was originally going to be about our Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking Cruise for Canadians and before I knew it, it had taken a nasty turn against our addiction, I mean hobby!! Oh well, sometimes the truth hurts 🙂


  11. Allison I loved the article and I thought it broght some really good positives to scrapbooking. Despite the title and the headline, I think the underlying tone of the article is that husbands really do not mind their scapbooking wives love of this art. They will even go on a scrapbooking cruise with their wives. As a matter of fact I think most husbands, despite their grumbles about cost (and maybe time) find it all very amusing and even, dare I say it, actually beneficial. We are busy creating wonderful memories, gifts of love and thoughtfulness and archiving what we both love – our children’s lives, amoung other things. Okay, so it costs money – but what doesn’t? I am actually very excited about the whole scrapbooking industry – ladies(and men – yes we have scrapbooking men come into the JSI store) I think we are on to something very wonderful and far more exciting than a hobby that will end up in a garage sale one day. I think that secretly our guys love our creativity. Why else would they okay that new camera!

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