Jesus Vs Religion

Mark Driscoll is a very cool Pastor of Mars Hill church in Seattle – very cool! And God is using him in a mighty way to speak truth to thousands – especially the most troubled people of Seattle. I hope to post a few of his talks. This one is 5 min and 35 seconds and it is worth listening to.

If you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, you may be convicted of your religeosity. If you don’t believe in Christ you probably find that all those religeous people out there turn you off ever wanting to find out about Christ.

Listen and find out what Christianity really is all about.


3 thoughts on “Jesus Vs Religion

  1. hey Julie, thanks for the comment on my blog. Would you mind if I linked up to yours?

    Also, I need some help! I have a one page layout to do, but I have 7 or so pics. I don’t know what kind of layout to do at all? I was thinking making a checker board layout with each square consisting of a picture, word clip, or paper. Any suggestions? Anyone?

  2. Absolutely – link to my Blog.

    Seven pictures on a page…you are asking the right gal. I am currently working on about 20 pictures on a two page layout. Crop – a lot – but not until you have your layout figured out. Or even better resize/crop the photos and print them all the same sige. The checkerboard idea is great – use some patterned paper or solid on some of the squares to give the eye a rest from all the pictures. Take a look at the wedding layout I did called “It’s all in the Details” for an idea There are a few pages on this post with lots of photos. Happy Scrapbooking.

  3. thanks Julie I added you as a link to my blog! And I love the layout suggestions, now I have to sit down and figure things out!

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