Creative weekend!

Three days in a row off this past weekend and boy did I fill them up with lots of creativity! Saturday David and I got up early, scanned through our recipe books and planned an elegant supper for six. We haven’t done this in a while and forgot how much fun it can be – we love being in the kitchen together, and shopping – we toss a coin for who gets to wash out the bathrooms and who gets to vacuum. Off for our Sat am walk to the coffee shop (three miles return) and then home to call up some friends for an evening of impromptu dining. Grocery shopping and home to start the preparations.

Spinach stuffed mushrooms – David made these – mmmmm. Steamed asparagus wrapped with cream cheese and prosciutto (thank you Brenda for this yummy idea – they were fabulous again). Mexican rice full of peppers (jalapeño included) fresh herbs and spices, Cajun salmon steaks -from scratch = David prepared all the seasoning. A very delicious Sonoma salad – pine nuts, cranberries, sunflower seeds and orange vinaigrette. Some fresh bread and dip.

Set the dining room table for the event and even pulled out the silver and the china – looked quite nice. Forgot to take a picture when the candles were lit – next time! Those are tea light in martini glasses filled with little clear plastic beads. Very elegant!

Sunday was a busy day too. A guest for lunch after church, a brief nap because I was out shooting the sun rise that morning remember? (see one post down!) and then I started into a project I am working on for the health region. My manager is retiring and I am putting together a coffee table book for her with old photos and staff photos…so last week on my lunches I gathered old photos, had someone identify them all for me and spent four hours scanning and editing them in Photoshop today- I think it will turn out quite well. I just need people to submit some current photos and send me the “copy” for the book. Thats the hardest part.
And today – Monday. I finished my last two page spread for the year 2000! YES!!!

Then I went through and arranged, by event, all my 2001 photos – and we start again. 2001 will not be as long as 2000 – which I believe is close to 50 layouts – we did so much stuff that year!

2 page spread on our talent night in Dec 2000. Lots of pictures – Becky Higgins layout sketches pg 192 to the rescue! Some new paper and some old rub ons and stickers.

I also was quite inspired by a pencilines sketch (love this site)so I did a page from Feb 2007 as well.

I really like how this turned out and it was fun to do! This was our black tie dinner in Toronto when David’s company won 50 Best managed companies in Canada. Very classy evening! Look at that very handsome couple!! 🙂

Everyone have a super day!!



One thought on “Creative weekend!

  1. wow, I just checked out that pencilines website! Love it!!!!! It’s abolsutely amazing, great ideas for those days when you creativity level is a tad low! And as I was asking you before….multiple picture layout…they had some examples posted as well (plus I looked at yours that you recommended). Now just have to look and sort my pictures for that layout again. Anyways, great website, I’ll bookmark that one!

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