Victoria Getaway

A month ago when the windchills were minus 47, my sweetheart started googling and found out that one of our favorite B&B’s in Victoria had a winter special on. Unfortunately West Jet and Air Canada didn’t… so the discussion was on and he won. He really needed a break from the weather and his 60 hr weeks so can’t blame him. So here we are for five wonderful days in Victoria…our son Paul was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt as he drove us around after picking us up at the airport. It is beautiful here – not beach weather, but the sun is shining and it is very green!
We are staying at the most romantic, beautiful, adults only (who act like kids only hehe) B&B in Victoria…overlooking the ocean. We have a lovely suite. If you want a winter get-away for a bit to a very romantic, quiet and totally rejuvenating five star spot, check out Amore by the Sea . My DH, extravagant guy, booked the Sea Star deluxe room!!

The web site has great photos, but this one I took last night after we arrived back from a very nice supper at My Chosin’ Cafe. The name is a play on the area where we are staying on the outskirts of Victoria called Metchosin. Very popular place and we had fun sitting up at the bar waiting for our table. Great bartenders! ๐Ÿ™‚

From the bedroom into the sitting room….

This bathroom is incredible – HUGE shower with two shower heads that adjust so they can spray at you from several different directions – fun and sooooo relaxing. …and a big jacuzzi!
The windows all along this suite look out over the ocean – so peaceful

The moon was full over the ocean last night. If it is clear tonight I will try to get out there with my tripod and get a picture. The reflection off the water was so beautiful last night.
Today we are off to church with Paul and Allie and then lunch – the Cactus Club I believe, then a visit with my Mom and Dad this afternoon …but first the incredible breakfasts that Amore is famous for… I will have my macro lens ready so I can share that experience with you.
Keep checking back..I will post pictures daily. Oh don’t you love wireless? and Laptops? I can blog anywhere!!! GTG – the sun will be up soon and the views from our room over the ocean and downtown Victoria are wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Victoria Getaway

  1. Looks great! Hoping you have a wonderful time!

    Uploading Sunday’s message on “grace and peace” to the grace audio site as I write, so you can give it a listen when you get a chance … probably when you get home!

    Much love,

  2. Julie,

    Great to reconnect to your blog again. Been having issues since moving to MB and still haven’t conquered the computer yet but trying to blog with dial up..urr
    Oh well…may the Lord richly bless the two of you as you invest in your relationship!

  3. Hi Sonja! Great to hear from you Dial up?? where ARE you guys? I have added you to my Google Reader so I look forward to reading some posts son! ๐Ÿ™‚

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