Victoria Waterfall

As promised, more Victoria. This is Niagara Falls – not THE Niagara Falls, but the Niagara Falls of Goldstream Provincial Park, British Columbia. Very pretty, very strong waterfalls. To get a sense of the size, try to find the person standing in the bottom rt hand corner of this next photo. You can always double click on a photo to see it more clearly.

The forests offered wonderful silence and wonderful sounds of nature. Standing in the middle of an amazingly quiet forest, you round the corner of the path and hear the sound of rushing water – then you see it gushing over the top with unrestrained force. Just amazing! His creation and His sovereign hand in all of this is just plain amazing! I wish I could have stood at the bottom of this waterfall – but it is too strong and would knock me over. 🙂

We are home late tomorrow night and back to the grind early the next day – short but sweet holiday. Hope number one son has the house clean for us. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Victoria Waterfall

  1. awesome Victoria photos! But I must ask a side note – how do you create the page title on your blog? Is there a certain size? I’ve tried again and again and can’t seem to get it to work! Any tips? kristen

  2. Kris, I created my banner in Photoshop by merging several photos together into a montage. I then cropped it into approximately the same dimensions as the header and then uploaded it. I just played with sizes untl I got one I wanted. On a larger 17 inch screen the banner is not all the way across – this is to prevent it being cut off on a smaller screen. Hope this helps. Try cropping some photos in photoshop and then upload them. To add a banner click on Customize/add a page element/page header. You can choose if you want your page name on the header or not. I chose to print mine on my header in photoshop so I could choose the font, size and location – then saved it all as one jpg file. Then I did not have the blog name showing on the header.

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