Duck Lady

On Tuesday morning David and I spent about an hour walking along the ocean and visiting Esquamalt Lagoon. There was a lady there who fed the ducks, swans and geese every day. She spent about $150/week on feed…but as she said, the children were all grown and well looked after, the grandchildren were well looked after, and she and her husband did not like to why not? She said the ducks came running as soon as her car pulled up. I think they are too stupid to figure it out. I mean just look at them in their feeding frenzy!!

The swans were much more sophisticated about the whole event and the Canada Geese just made a whole lot of noise but were slow to figure out there was some food for them.



Over on the beach were the seagulls – they did not come near the feasting ducks. I think they preferred any garbage they could find.

Do you think this is Jonathon Livingston Seagul??

We arrived home from our short trip at 1am this morning and ran out the door to work at 7:30 this morning. Work, play, work , work , work , play 🙂 Life is crazy isn’t it? But He blesses us so.

May He fill your life with blessings!



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