Scrapbook Party more pages!

Last night the “design team” aka the girls at Just Scrap It! got together to scrap, munch and laugh! I wish I didn’t fall asleep at 10 pm every night because I could have got a lot more pages done. I did hang in there until 10:30 though! Yeah! Three pages done. I love this picture Melina took of David and me. Have I told you lately? I love you! Every day! Every day!

And another picture of David and me in Mexico – I love this new line of vacation paper just in at Just Scrap It! VERY tropical!! If you are looking for vacation paper, Just Scrap It has it!!

Doesn’t this paper just scream sun, warmth, relaxation and fun – oh yeah!

Have to go back soon! Oh such fun together !!

My space…used the new line of Dream Street Papers just in – oh I love it all!! This paper is beautiful!! I have grabbed one of each – it is flying off the shelves. You have to come in and see this line – just gorgeous – I don’t know, I may like this line better than Basic Grey!! Just really cool distressed paper with real variety and yet it all works together and it is nice heavy weight – yeah – a new favorite. Journalling reads…

This is my space. It is one of my favourite places to be. It is my haven, my get away, my therapy, my little space where I put the commitments of my life aside and create something. Here is where I play in Photoshop. This is my spot to scrapbook and put on paper my memories and thoughts. It is from this chair I do all my blogging and on line Bible lessons or just reading. I pray in here. This is where I store all my photographs and sit and organize them for hours. It is here that I reminisce and remember and marvel in His goodness to me. This is where my bag of inspiration from Just Scrap It! lands when I come in the door. It is in this chair that I go through my Google reader and find out what all my friends in far away and not so far away places are busy creating in their scrapbook havens. It is from here that I get to connect with their lives. It is where I stay warm –it is right over the furnace room and it is small. This is where ALL my scrapbook supplies and photograph equipment are. In this space I create, I blog, I pray, I organize, I dream, I read my Bible, I plan. It is such a big part of me and yet I really don’t get to spend a whole bunch of time in here. But it is enough to revive me. I transformed this room from a messy disorganized, cluttered smelly corner into “my space” for my 50th birthday. I am almost 51…and this space of mine has been a favourite place for almost a year. I think it will just keep being that for a while.

Thanks for letting me share…love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “Scrapbook Party more pages!

  1. Julie, really love the “Have I told you lately” layout! I really like the way the layout is done, and liek the color choice. ~kristen

  2. Have I told you lately…. well, yes you have in so many ways. I love that photo. However, the Mexico page is my favourite – just on principle. As for My Space, great layout, but,don’t forget I get to see it ‘real life’, so is it always really that tidy????

    Love, from you hubby

  3. Amazing work Julie! You can tell that you and hubby share some great times. I also really liked the depth of your journalling.

    God Bless!

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