12 min page

Seriously this took me 12 min. A new Deja Views exclusive line called Little Yellow Bicycle arrived at the store on Thursday – boy stuff – yeah, I agree, enough of all those pretty pinks!!! This stuff is for the guys! It is fun and tough! So here are a couple of my boys curling last winter. One piece of paper, a package of very cool stickers, my adhesive and sanding block and there you have it! yup! 12 minutes and I like it!! I’m going back for more.


4 thoughts on “12 min page

  1. Wow, I saw this paper on the JSI blog and it didn’t really appeal to me…but wow did it ever work for this curling picture! It’s the button, it;s great!!!

  2. Yah, this paper didn’t appeal much to me either. Never even thought it could be a curling page. Definitely looks great!!

  3. Hey Julie, thanks for your tips on my blog about creating the page header, and for the comment on our kK photography blog! We sure have fun with photos…trying to get it set up as a real business…would love to get into it Fulltime!!! Keep checking back to that blog too, just added some baby photos. (kkphotography-ca.blogspot.com)

  4. Great LO!! Only 12 minutes?? WOW!
    Wish I could pull that off. It is so much fun when you can find a great line of paper and embellishments.

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