Hawaii layout…..Google memory

Google Blogger told me the other day that I was using 86% of my allowable capacity for upload. I have been saving my scanned layouts in lesser quality to reduce Mb. So this news that I was almost at capacity meant the possible move to Typepad. But Typepad means money!!!!! I checked out several levels of typepad and the the monthly layout of cash was going to be significant if I wanted a good solid amount of memory on my Blog. Blogger right now gives me 1000 Mb or a GB – and it is almost full. Typepad Basic at $50 USD only gives you 500 Mb – how long will that last me?? Not long. For a decent 1 GB it is $150 USD/year. But that still isn’t enough. I have used almost a GB with Blogger in the past year. Now the $150 does give you some other features, but really not that much more different then Blogger. So I decided to see if Blogger will sell me more memory.

Well it seems that every picture that is uploaded to Blogger is stored on Picasa. If you upload a picture and then delete it from your blog – it is still on Picasa (and using up memory). So the first thing I did is start deleting all the photos that I was no longer using on my blog. I accidentally deleted my header too – oops! Do be careful when you do this. I had quite the time finding it again on my computer – actually I didn’t find it but found a version of it that I had to edit and re upload. So I am wondering if deleting from Picasa also deleted from your computer – this would be crazy but I need to test it out before I do anymore deletions. So getting rid of stuff I never used freed up several MB of memory on Google.

At the bottom of your Picasa page you have an option to increase your storage. Get this – 50 GB for $20 USD/year. So WHY switch to typepad???? If I am missing something here typepad users?? Please let me know. It seems to me that Google Blogger is WAY less expensive and gives me WAY more memory storage.

And on to more pleasant subjects. Worked two days at JSI this week and besides buying a bunch of stuff, got another Hawaii page done. 🙂 And used the new pebbles that came in too, and the new flowers and some of those brass letters on the sale table. Oh and those very classy travel stickers. Got to love this job!! Okay I did work while I was there and helped a lot of customers. 🙂

Have a great day!



3 thoughts on “Hawaii layout…..Google memory

  1. I just love your hawaii pages, and the pictures that are on them. There are some really neat colors of pebbles that are in the store right now.

  2. HEy Julie, so I was curiousabout my blogger memory space as well. Do you upload right from your computer? I do, and space gets used up faster. But on our kk Photography site, I chose to do slideshows from Slide.com b/c my sister told me that if you upload to another internet based site, then to blogger, it uses up less space. I have yet to convert myself, other than the slideshows, but she suggested flickr.com or photobucket.com.

    I have an account on flickr already, same deal though, you can onlypost so many photos a month before they say upgrade to___ for $___. Not cool. But I originally started it to post vacation photos…after the vacation. However if we would have posted throughout our two months, we would have been okay. So what I’m thinking is for a scrapbook site, post to flickr or photobucket, then upload from the internet based site which allows for more space.

    If that’s confusing, sorry, send me an email. ~kristen

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