Military pages – Canadian Field Hospital

I have had several requests for military pages and I noticed late last night as I checked out the origin of the hits to my site, that there are a fair amount of people who came to my site by using “military layout” as their search terms. There is also a lot of “Hawaii layout” searches too, but I haven’t posted a whole lot of Mark’s album from his tour of duty to Pakistan with the Canadian D.A.R.T. team during the earthquake of Nov 2005. So I have scanned more of those pages and will post them over the next little while. They are no great scrapbooking feat – no fab techniques, but what I really enjoy about this album, besides the really beautiful and meaningful pictures that Mark took, is his journalling. The pictures too, tell a real story of service, caring and sacrifice on the behalf of our military personal.

Do click on the pages to get the detailed words. The pictures on this page above I downloaded from the Canadian Military site – Mark, as a communications guy, was not able to get into the hospital for pictures.
You know our finest really did some amazing work for these poor people who were truly suffering. Say a pray for our military guys today off on the other side of the world risking their lives, trying to do their small part to instill peace and normality into peoples lives.
For more military pages previously posted please click here.
…..and I hope to post some pictures of our vacation soon.

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