Signals Operator and R.O.W.P.U.

Taking a short break from Hawaii pictures to post some pages – having requests for military pages…so a few more..

Journalling reads…I started my military career at 737 Communication Squadron in Saskatoon, but I have been posted to CFJSR in Kingston since March. I am a signal operator, and on missions such as Operation Plateau my job is not very glamorous or fun. I answer the phones on camp here in Garhi Dupatta. Some of my secondary duties include running welfare phones for the team, and handing out satellite phones to personal that leave camp.

Most people out side of the camp do not even know that we, the signalers, exist. Any reporter or VIP will always walk by the little corner of the camp we call home. Our job may not be in the spotlight but is nonetheless still important.

Spirits are high here as we slowly pass the time thinking of the Christmas season coming up, a time when we will be able to enjoy the company of our loved ones once again. Those who are without a significant other, like myself, like to think about Mom’s home cooked meals. Despite the fact that sometimes we think about what we do not have, all we need is a quick look around at the destruction before us to be reminded that we still have much more than the people we are helping.

Yes, Mark got the works for Christmas dinner – I made all his favorites when he got home.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System. What this means is that Canada has the capability to set up a water purification system using the dirtiest of water (like dead cows floating down the river) and within 24 hrs of arriving at a site they can set up and start offering water that is cleaner than any Canadian city’s water. Very impressive. The people in the remote areas of Pakistan had their water contaminated by so much death and debris being dumped into their water systems after the earthquake, that disease was inevitable if clean water was not made available. That and offering medical assistance, was what Canada did for the people of northern Pakistan.

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3 thoughts on “Signals Operator and R.O.W.P.U.

  1. Julie, I like the journalling area of the first layout…hoe you split it into two, but the tear line lines up, cleaver little break.

    Also like the aged / worn effect on all the journalling bits on both pages. Blends into the page and situation well, nice pages!

  2. hey Kris, that’s because Mark was on deployment in an earthquake zone. They were actually feeling the after shocks. So the tear – kind of eathquake like. 🙂

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