Helicopter Tour

We are home…haven’t slept since Thursday night – other than 45 min here and there on a plane and in airports. Hawaii is a long way away and I miss the heat.

On Wednesday David and I took a helicopter tour of Oahu. The first 10 min were absolutely fabulous – the sights incredible and my wide angle lens capturing them all. And then I started to feel sick – really sick. I am prone to motion sickness big time, but I do fine on planes and I really wanted the photos from the air…but helicopters do this up and down, sideway swing thing that makes my head spinny just to think about it. So 10 minutes into the flight I handed my camera over to David and focused on the horizon, breathing in my nose out my mouth, bag in hand ready. No I didn’t throw up, but it was a very miserable 50 minutes until we landed and a tortuous 45 min drive back to the beach house where I had to lay perfectly still for the next 14 hours as a bout of meniers set in. Those of you who suffer from this will know my misery. But time and gravol and I did recover and managed the long flight home a day later. Here are some of the pictures I managed in the first 10 min and David took after that.

Haunama Bay

Close up of Haunama Bay – best snorkling on Oahu.. That is coral – and lots of people.

Magnum PI was shot on the property below.

South East coast of Oahu

I am smiling but my legs are giving out about now. This is after the flight.

Diamond Head looking south.

Famous Waikiki Beach

Close up of the top of Diamond Head. We climbed to that peak last week – check out my photos from the peak in a previous post.

That white line is the trail heading up to the top of Diamond head. A fun and sweaty hike.

North Shore of Oahu

Leeward (east) side of Oahu

Turtle Bay resort – North Shore.

Northe Shore of Oahu

The North Shore
North Shore looking west.

The Dole plantation – worlds largest maze – nope didn’t try it.
Pearl Harbour
It is good to be home and I am looking forward to my own bed tonight. Back to the day to day stuff – work – on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Helicopter Tour

  1. 1. I want your camera
    These are beautiful!!! and definitely will make for some nice scrapbook pages. These pics bring back SO many memories from my trip there. The helicopter ride sounds fun…just to see the sights are amazing. So did Dave capture most of those amazing photos? Cause if he did, he did a great job!!!! Have you ever been through the maze before? I’m glad to hear you had a good trip.

  2. Thanks Angie. My camera is a digital SLR Olympus E-volt 500 – although I am saving for the new Olympus E3.
    I used my new wide angle lens a Zuiko 12-60mm 1:2.8 – 4 F-stop. Very cool lens especially on horizens and for group shots – love it.
    I took most of these on the north shore where the tour started. David did the Waikiki, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbour and Magnum PI shots. I put the camera on auto for everything and just handed it to him. Kind of dissappointing but I learned that I should not go up in helicopters. They are very noisy as well as move in all directions.
    I will post my shots of some gheckos as soon as I can – they are very cool with my macro lens…kind of running on overdrive here – haven’t been to bed since THursday night. 🙂 and we are on set up for church tomorrow morning!

  3. Nice pictures Julie. Sorry to hear that you got sick so early in the tour though. someday I am going to be able to afford a really nice camera and the lessons to go with it! Cheryl L.

  4. Cheryl, thanks! Photography lessons are a very good idea. No use having an expensive camera if you don’t make it do all the cool stuff it can. I am planning on signing up for some lessons through the City of Saskatoon – this summer…must get to that!!

  5. Hi Julie,

    Those are awesome pictures.
    Would it be possible to send me the pictures that you posted in an email.

    I went to Hawaii a few years ago for a marathon and when my computer crashed a month ago I lost all my photos from our trip.

    Stephanie Bishop

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