Hawaii Layout.

Blacks had a special on 8X10’s this weekend. On the long flight over the Pacific ocean on Friday night, I used the time to go though all my pictures and decide which ones deserved to be an 8X10’s. When I got home Sat, I opened the file, did a little editing and sent them all off to Blacks. Picked them up this morning on my way to JSI for the day. They all turned out sooo well!!

This photo is of the six of us all dressed up to go out for dinner to celebrate Jan and Larry’s anniversary at Haleiwa Joes – it was very good, we sat on the deck and it was a special evening. More pages to come on that evening.

At 4pm today at JSI an order from Fancy Pants arrived. Beautiful! Janys is very busy tonight. This paper I used is called “confident” from the Papa line and it just screamed Hawaii at me. Brought it home and well doesn’t this photo work nicely on it. Some flowers (assorted), bling, the new Cloud 9 vacation stamps and there you go.

A Vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in……and then go out for supper. YAH!! The perfect ending to the perfect day

Blessings to you all!

7 thoughts on “Hawaii Layout.

  1. how come you are your husband aren’t matching like the other couples?! Sorry had to ask, the outfits caught my eye first. And yes, the paper works very well!!!

  2. David and I came with all our Hawaii clothes and the other two couples didn’t have any – so their’s is newly purchased. Besides it would look kind of hokey if we were ALL matching – actually the gold flowers in my skirt match his shirt. LOL You are the sixth person to take note of this. Maybe I should have made him wear his louder Hawaiian shirt – but then this is Hawaii – you don’t think too much, you just “hang loose”! 🙂

  3. hehehe, it was just so funny, even as new clothes that they would wear them at the same time! Oh I miss the tropics! I’ve been thinking about Central America again…I think it’s a sign to head back again!!!…oh and I’m going to take you yo on your 3 patterned paper challenge…I’ll let you know when I do it so you can take a look!

  4. Love the page! You were the first to use this paper line AND the new stamps that you weren’t going to buy! Hee, hee, hee! Oh, did I mention the new colors of Robin’s Nest page pebbles?

  5. Actually Kris – the couples looked fabulous in matching patterns and it was very romantic. I was wishing we had done the same. Two of these couples have been married 28 years and Jan and Larry in the middle have been married 31 years – we were celebrating their anniversary that night. When you have been together that long – you just act as one. 🙂 “And the two shall become one flesh” haha – it is an amazing thing!

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