I love this page – it looks so much better in real life – come see it in the store! Colours are way better in real.
These magazine overlays from Creative IMAGINATIONS came in to JSI about three weeks ago. I had to grab the military one – just because I knew somewhere in my archive of military photos of Mark, there would be one that would work. And there was. However the overlay was decidedly American so after lightening the left side of the 8×10 cropped photo, so the words would show up, I added Canadian DART and the DART logo. Getting the logo was a bit time consuming but time flies when I work in Photoshop. hehe I got the logo off another photo of Mark. First searched the Canadian Forces site for a nice clean one that would not need any fixing up – but do you think they have their DART logo on any of their sites?? No – so I cut this off Marks shoulder from another photo – love that magic wand tool – fixed it up – finicky – and put it and the words directly on the photos where they would line up with the overlay words. Printed the photo and viola! It now has a Canadian presence.
The background paper is new BG – my favorite ‘boxer’ skinny jeans. To add some military green and a little red I cut two strips from the new Fancy Pants transparencies that came in yesterday afternoon- these colourful strips are perfect for adding that one more colour to a page. Then I rummaged through my stuff and found this military guy from “Memories in Uniform” We still have these in the store…are Laura and I the only ones using military stuff???? And my friend Jo-Ann in Alberta whose husband is serving in Afghanistan right now. Pray for Jo-Ann and her husband. They will be separated for six months. Thinking about you Jo-Ann! Let me know how things are going.

Stay tuned! I have two more overlays I am working on.

Blessings to you all,



5 thoughts on “Militaria

  1. I seen those Memories in Uniform things in the store the other night. I immediately thought of you and Laura, and if you’ve ever used them on a page..and then you posted a page using one of them…neat!!

  2. Well there you go! I picked up some new military type paper on friday – has barbed wire on it and is military green – so I will have to do another military page. I have yet to tackle Mark’s Basic Training photos. Then again Mark is now sending me some great fire fighting photos – isn’t it never ending?? I Always have some photo to scrapbook!! Like hundreds waiting right now!! LOL Love it!!

  3. I listen to you talk about using your photoshop and I am so jealous, I have the program and not a clue how to use it – you should have a class or at least give me a little help. I can’t even figure out how to print a bunch of 2 x 2 photos on the same page – I am defintely photoshop challenged – hard to believe I work on a computer for 12 hours a day!! Also – love your pages, keep up the good work and the great blog.

  4. Hi Liz and everyone else who asks me about Photoshop. I am self taught – hours of it – playing and figuring it out – but I did spend two days doing every free tutorial I could on the Adobe web site – so go visit them at and start clicking. Also Google “Photoshop tutorials free”. Happy photoshopping.

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