The Good Life? Another magazine overlay.

Another overlay – don’t forget to check out the military overlay of Mark below.

Lots of journalling. Feeling verbose I guess (or perhaps this is pms or premenopause – yikes), but felt I needed to journal about what I was feeling is The Good Life lest anyone come to the conclusion that because this picture is from our recent trip, that the Good Life has to involve expensive trips. It doesn’t. All the money in the world will not make you happy or give you The Good Life. The Good life is about hope and joy even when life throws you curve balls that are too hard to dodge. Everyone can have The Good Life – it has nothing to do with luck or money or things. It is more our attitude – how we see the things that happen in our lives – the good the bad and the ugly.

Right now is a good time in our lives – no question. And I am so enjoying it – every moment of it. It was a long time coming. The kids are grown – almost, although they still need us, and my going back to work has given us the opportunity to travel. I feel blessed! (two years ago when I was working full time plus and totally overwhelmed with the learning curve of returning to a professional job after 15 years away from it, I would have said THIS is the most stressful time in my life – but I hung in there – gained many grey hairs and got back in the swing of things). Now we are reaping the blessings from that.
The time of 24/7 investment in our children is winding down and we have time, finally, for each other. It almost feel like we are rediscovering each other after 25 years of working on everything but ourselves. Kids, David’s careers, mortgage, food budgets, payments, school curriculums…all that stuff that felt like it would never end is easing – but it was still The Good Life! I wouldn’t change a thing. And having Christ at the center of it all made it all very wonderful – He carried us through many trials.
So here we are today and as I type David is on a long telephone conversation with our son far away from us about significant career changes and another son just phoned earlier to say he would be on the highway at 3am heading to a new job in Wpg at 7am – and he hasn’t packed. So the worries continue – they are different worries. You know there is something very satisfying about tucking your wee ones into bed at 8pm – safe and sound! Miss those days as tiring as they were. This is The Good Life too. And with Jesus, the BEST is yet to come!

Just my thoughts today as I contemplate what The Good Life really is. πŸ™‚ I used the new My Minds Eye paper 29th st Market – great colours, the BG archive line – Creative Imaginations overlays, some flowers and pebbles and ribbon. The journalling took twice as long as the page. I guess that now makes up for all the pages I never journal on!! haha – I am off the hook for at least three months!

One more overlay I am working on – my desk is a mess of all the new stuff from JSI – just spread it all out and I am oohing and awing over it – time to put it away so I have a place to work.


BTW – for those who didn’t know. I sing in an adult choir and tonight we had our spring concert. It went very well although not a great turnout unfortunately….but after several rehearsals this week and singing for two hours tonight, I am very tired (no voice left) off to bed! I forgot my camera – so no photos of us. One day I will scrapbook some of my old photos from concerts years past. Life is busy but it really is The Good Life!

3 thoughts on “The Good Life? Another magazine overlay.

  1. We enjoyed the concert tonight, Julie. Especially the “grand hotel” song… πŸ˜‰
    Great exhortation on this post – btw. Good reminders. I pray Kurt and I can have 25+ years together – with children to call and worry about. You are blessed – and it glorifies the Lord to “see” you praise Him for it. πŸ™‚
    See you tomorrow (or later today – depending on when you get this).
    Love you guys (and Dave – nice tan! we almost didn’t recognize you… chuckle)

  2. I quite like the overlays that you have used. I haven’t tried them as yet, maybe someday soon. I so agree with your journalling as we are at that same stage with our children. We are one step ahead though as we have a new little granddaughter to worry about now!! I check your blog out frequently and am not one usually to leave comments but you have mentioned that you like to know that we have been here! So here I be!!! Cheryl

  3. Thanks Cheryl – you have commented a few times – thanks! Grandchildren – yes that will be a new, and wonderful phase that I am looking forward to…and a few more things to worry about. πŸ™‚

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