Gecko pictures

These little friends were out sunning themselves every morning in Hawaii and if I stood really still and they didn’t notice me I could get their photos. I made good use of my new macro lens. The detail in their scales is incredible. Try double clicking on the photos to see it. I tried to google and find the exact species, but all the pictures of geckos I found on line did not look like these ones so if any of my Hawaiian friends who frequent my site can help me out with the Hawaiian name of these geckos, that would be appreciated.

Aren’t they cute? okay – interesting?



5 thoughts on “Gecko pictures

  1. Beautiful pictures of such an unappealing creature. Geckos kinda gross me out, lol. Your camera takes such detailed pictures, its as if you were able to touch them.

  2. Actually Angie, I found nothing offensive about them. They really kept to themselves and any sign of humans and they scurried away. They were such a pretty green – like the leaves they were on – their camouflage – apparently they change colours depending on their habitat. They have millions of tiny hairs on their feet that allow them to walk on ceilings – which I am not too thrilled about – none in our house but a few kept us amused on the deck at a restaurant. What amazes me is the intricacy of their scales and the brown eyes looking at me as if to say – “should I trust you?” I had to be quick with the camera – one ‘click’ and they were gone!

  3. BTW – just to give some perspective – their heads are less than a half inch – they were really small – but long – maybe 6 inches head to end of tail.

  4. Wow! that small hey..they look like they are so much bigger, like an iguana. Thats neat about the hair on their feet. They are a really pretty color too! Their skin looks like they were rolled in glue and then a bunch of little beads. I wonder what the texture would feel like on them.

  5. I never touched them – they were too shy to let you too close, but I suspect they would be very soft – something like a snake, which I really feel uncomfortable holding despite how soft they are.

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