Flowers from my sweetheart!

Today was a full busy day at work with some nasty medical tests thrown in the middle of it …so when I got home from work my sweetheart had bought me some absolutely stunning spring flowers. They were so beautiful that I spent the next 20 minutes photographing them. He went about getting supper ready since I was obviously consumed with my camera and my flowers.

His only comment was… “I feel a blog coming on”

Does this guy know me or what! LOL. Am I obsessed with my camera and my Blog?

Now don’t forget to check out the cool photo Mark took of one of his firefighting buddies three posts down (Xtreme courage)!


4 thoughts on “Flowers from my sweetheart!

  1. I wasn’t lurking…I just got here.

    The flowers are breath taking. Great pics. Isn’t it great when we are so in tune with our spouses?!


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