XTREME courage

A page about my son who likes XTREME career joices – unlike his mother and father who prefer to make money sitting at a desk!!
Mark took this picture at firefighting school – he is a good photographer ( I wonder where he gets it from hehe)Journalling reads… You always loved electronics growing up and were the first to take something apart and then get it back together…so naturally I had you pegged as an Electrical Engineer. It was so you, or so I thought until you came home from University at the end of your first year of Engineering and announced that this was NOT for you and you could never sit at a desk for the rest of your life.
You promptly joined the Reserves full time, took off for Kingston, jumped out of airplanes and then were off on the DART team doing duty over in Pakistan. I found a few more grey hairs – but surmised that you would soon get this all out of your system and settle down to a normal career at a desk just like your Dad and most other people we know – like your younger brother!
You talked of heading out on a six month tour of Afghanistan – which brought great fear and concern to your parents…and then one day you came home and decided you wanted to be a Fireman. Now many mothers would think this worrisome – but compared to Afghanistan it was a great idea! So here you are about to graduate from Firefighting School, you are now officially a First Responder and you are talking about maybe joining SAR – yes fire fighting and first responder stuff just not quite xtreme enough – you would now like to dangle from a helicopter in the middle of a raging ocean storm, or rescue a snowboarder hanging to a cliff because he went out of bounds.
I do believe I am starting to get accustomed to the idea of a son in a dangerous xtreme profession – because that’s where your servants heart is.. I am proud of all you have accomplished so far. And come to think of it, I spent more time in the Emergency Room getting stitches for you then all the other kids put together. So I really shouldn’t be surprised. I love you!

4 thoughts on “XTREME courage

  1. Thanks Liz and Kris. It sure helps to have a son with an eye for a great shot. I am looking forward to a few more “action” shots from him.

  2. Julie, I love this picture/page and cannot wait to see more pages done with the pictures Mark takes. The real challenge will be finding the right paper all the time. Great job!

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