Death by blogging!

I think I prefer death by chocolate – haha –  but death by blogging??? – check out this link! Could this be? That’s why I have a clock on my site… but do I actually take heed? No! Be warned!


5 thoughts on “Death by blogging!

  1. Hi Julie! Vicki here, just, lurking. Hope all is well for ya in Canada! As for us Arizonians,we are trying to decide if temperatures in the high 80’s/low 90’s can really be considered Spring…..Hope you have a great week! Look forward to your next post over at LOL! The “Death by blogging” article was very interesting. I can see the warning signs now, “Warning, blogging for bucks could lead to death for those with heart conditions, love handles or those needing a life.”

  2. Haha! Yes Vicki, blogging can be very bad for the weight – even if you don’t make a buck at it. So can watching TV (DH)and since Saskatoon is at a balmy 20C right now – about 65 F I just told DH that we need to get out for a walk before the sun sets!!

  3. I’m a constant lurker…lol, but you already know that 🙂 Loved the video you posted a few posts down!! Laughed my butt off when the car flipped upside down.. I just had to share that with Rick, since he’s the mechanic, racing kinda guy. He thought it was funny too!!

  4. LOL I laughed real hard at that one too. I opened it at the office, end of the day and let out such a loud laugh when the car flipped. I am sure everyone was wondering what was going on in the Long Term Care office – had I finally lost it?? We need a good laugh now and then!

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