Relax, enjoy, friends

I love this picture of the six of us preparing supper in Hawaii. We looked soooo relaxed! And we were.


5 thoughts on “Relax, enjoy, friends

  1. Julie, as I have said before, you do such nice layouts, they appeal to me so much more than alot of the more “busy” ones I see so often nowadays. To me, the picture is the reason for the page, not the artwork or the extras and I wonder if in the big explosion of scrapbooking that concept has been somewhat lost. That, of course, is only my opinion!! Cheryl

  2. Hi Julie!
    I have enjoyed visitng your site recently. I found it through Kendall’s blog. I’m so glad you all had a great time in Hawaii. The pictures are just beautiful! Say “hello” to everyone in the assembly up there for us.
    Wendy Swann

  3. Hi Cheryl – yes I agree completely. We ought to be drawn to the picture and not the embellishments. In the scrapbooking industry we get very embellishment oriented even to the point of knowing all the companies and what their new products are…but really it is about preserving memories for generations to come…leaving a little bit of heritage behind.And for most of my pages, that is my aim. Although it is fun to use all those embellishments. LOL

  4. Hi Wendy! I am so thrilled to know that you visit my blog! How are all the Swanns doing? Please pass our love on to Ken and the kids!
    I will certainly greet the saints up here from your gang!

  5. hey Julie, I love this layout. You’re right the colors worked so well for your photo! I love the simplicity of your Hawaii layouts….but I guess when you have so many pictures you want to do, you have to make things easy…remember I talked to you about my Central America trip…2 Octobers ago….ya, a few images printed, nothing on layouts yet. Too scary with so many faves! So good job gettinng these done!

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