I love looking at these photos of the boys horsing around in the back yard with their boffing stuff. They always played together so well. I miss these home schooling days! Allison is in the pictures, but she is curled up on the deck, wrapped in a blanket and lovin Sam the black lab. Probably the safest place for her when her brothers are boffing! I think this must be early May 2001. Where has the time gone?




2 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Julie, such a great layout! Coming from an all girl family and being the mother of 3 girls, I am totally fascinated by the complete passion that boys of all ages seem to have with weapons of all kinds!

    A funny story: A few years ago, 2 moms (of boys) and I were keeping an eye on a group of girls in our youth group while the boys took their turn on a pontoon boat at the lake. The girls, all clutching a raft, just floated together, screaming-bloody-murder for no good reason. Later, the girls went on the boat and we were left with the boys, who promptly found the sharpest sticks they could to throw at, and whack each other. It truly made me cringe and I found myself yelling, “Stop it before you put someone’s eye out!” Meanwhile the other moms (did I mention they had boys?) sat chatting as though nothing was wrong. Finally, I hear the other moms yelling at the boys to “stop it or you’ll have to get out of the lake!” Turns out the boys had tired of the sticks, but were throwing something even more horrifying….MUD!!!! I’ll never understand boys, or the moms who own them…..

  2. This reminds me…my 3 patterned paper layout…I was at a local scrapbooking store which I foudn that week, and I saw these exact papers! I was like, whoa, those are a bit much for me yet trying to get them all on the same layout. I did end up buying your background brown, and Relic, it’s the patterned on with the square shapes. I wish I would have seen the striped one, then I would have been okay with the whole idea!! 😉 yep, I bought them, now I need to work with them/!!!

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