U can’t see me

Oh yes I can and I have captured you on my new macro lens – haha!
Isn’t he just so cute?


7 thoughts on “U can’t see me

  1. that is such an awesome page! He is very cute. Are you doing your entire Hawaii book as 8×10 photos? Do you have other pages that you haven’t posted? I’m in saskatoon as of next Thursday and will be heading into the store to score some new stuff…I would love to see these pages in personal if you have them all there! Need motivation for that Costa Rica book still 😉 Let me know…or email me if you’ll be working (I’m home Thurs to Tues.

  2. Kris – you are the second person to notice all the 8X10’s – Blacks AND Dons had a 50% 0ff 8X10’s so these are the first Hawaii pictures I have had developed. When they have a 5X7 special I will do a bunch of them. hehe Then I will get to the 4X6’s which you will notice all my pages from 2001 are.

  3. Julie, this is one of my favorite pages!!
    Browsing your blog today during a break from my paperwork…it’s better than a coffee!!

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