Camera woes

It is eleven pm and I am tired – I have worked over 50 hours this week and will be back at it tomorrow am. Tonight at JSI the party is on and so I pulled out my camera to get some of the action on film (or digital…you know what I mean) My new wide angle lens, recently “fixed” by Olympus on a recall, would NOT auto focus!! It also made a very unhappy noise when I turned off the camera – quite disconcerting because I was without my lens already for a week with the recall – and before the recall the lens was working perfectly fine – like all those great Hawaii pics from the helicopter.

So am I ever glad I didn’t send it back on the “recall” before our trip. I know Olympus is good for a fix – their customer service goes way and beyond the call of duty!! But I REALLY do not have the time or inclination to package this lens back up and make a trip to purolater again!! AND I want some great shots of the crop this weekend. Oh well…get over it right??

So I was feeling a little disheartened as I drove home tonight and then when my windshield wipers wouldn’t work. I had to peer around the ice on my windshield all the way home…well things just didn’t seem to be going my way. Kind of like, okay I will just pull over and have a melt down right here outside Pharmasave! But I persevered and pulled into the garage and with a little readjusting of the wipers at home and knocking off ice, they were fine and worked again.

Maybe it is just being so dog tired, or getting behind with all the house work and stuff, maybe it is this weather and another forecast of snow – enough already!!! But I am thinking I need a holiday! (okay you can stop throwing stuff at me I was just kidding!!) All right a good nights sleep will probably do the trick…

so why am I blogging? Wind down time…I don’t watch TV so I need wind down time. Yeah you heard it – I haven watched TV in probably 15 years – can’t stand it – find it a time waster…so much other stuff to get done. Seriously, add up how much time you spend watching TV in a week and then make a list of other stuff you could have done…but I digress.

One game of Spider Solitaire and I am off to bed. I will attempt to read my Bible but expect I might get through maybe three verses. 🙂 Tomorrow I am back at JSI for nine hours for more fun and games and this time I will stick with the macro and the zoom lens!!

I have already sent off my “complaint” e-mail to Olympus. I was very nice about it…I will save the big guns for back up! Hopefully I will not be too tired to post some pictures of the convention tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Camera woes

  1. sorry to hear you were so down on your luck. I’m feeling a bit like that too right now…well more nervousness. We’re doing photos tomorrow AM for my boyfriend’s sisters wedding. Our first FULL EVENT wedding. I’m pretty nervous and scared. I hope all things go well, as we’re using our camera with a new lens and we borrowed a friends camera….similar to ours but way more features. I just want it to all work out well! So I know a little how you feel.

  2. Sorry to hear of your camera trouble. I can see for you that your camera is like an extension of your arm. Hope it’s resolved soon.

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