Fire thrower

I do believe this is one of my most fav photos from our trip. When I had it blown up I was amazed at the detail – no flash photography and the guy was a ways away – so for a brief moment I guess I was very still and caught the moment. Double click on the layout and check out his hands. Love the motion – shutter speed was just right.

6 thoughts on “Fire thrower

  1. This is awesome! There are a bunch of fire thrower out here too. They are really fun to watch, each one does something different or uses a different “tool” for the show.

  2. Yes Thelma – I noticed that…nice abs too! oh there’s that exclamation mark again!! But hey they deserve it.

  3. I saw you working on that page. It’s nice to see how it all came together. Is the gold embellishment a transparency?

  4. Yup! It is an overlay. But we did get some very cool bling into the store on Friday – beautiful swirls in several different colours which sould give the same effect.

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