Waikiki Beach

An aerial view of Waikiki that David took (and is very proud of). He took it while I was deep breathing and clinging to a paper bag, remember? I guess I can laugh about it now and I am quite happy to have the pictures, so in a way I can now say I am glad we did the helicopter tour; I just won’t do it again. Or maybe it is like having children…..

I added some little pictures of our day on Waikiki beach – so I have our afternoon at Waikiki all on one page which I am fine with. The postcard in the top left corner I picked up a while ago and it fit perfectly on this page because it is a drawing of Waikiki back in the 1920’s or so when only a couple of smaller hotels were there, one being the pink one you see in the large photo on the far left and also in the postcard. I love the contrast from the simple, peaceful days of the postcard to the massive 18 story hotels crowding the beaches.

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