My Guy!



11 thoughts on “My Guy!

  1. you’re trying to go simplistic?! And here I’m trying to get away from that, and stock up with my layouts! Too funny.

    I have somewhat started your challenge to me….I have been keeping my eye out for patterned papers that I like together. I have found quite a few! I’m even pretty excited about them!

    I started my new baby album gift last night…small 4×8 book so I found it very challenging to start. How am I supposed to use multiple papers on this?! I even have some that are just two patterned papers….hey it’s a start. I’ll let you know when I have a few album pages posted if you’d like. (Hoping to take some photos today after work.)

  2. Your thinking too hard Chris (LOL) – just slap those patterened papers down and add a ribbon in a colour they both have. Ink it up with catseye inks to blend the two or three pattern papers together. Thats the fun of scrapbooking.

    I think being simplistic but still having a classy page is a real challange…I have a few on the go..sitting on my desk, so maybe I just ought to get at them instead of spenging the time getting a web site up at WordPress!! …or maybe I should do some laundry..or empty the dishwasher.

  3. Angie, ya think? My idea of a simple page is something under an hour with lots of rest space on it. This page took 4 hrs and you can’t even see the embossed chipboard under it. 🙂 I love it…but not busy? LOL I am working on a really simple page right now…coming soon.

  4. The last baby album I did was simple, same as the grad book I did. That is my simple and elegant….but it may not be the same idea as your simple and elegant. But you’re right, I was thinkign too much. It was hard to get into, now I’m liking it!

  5. Julie – this is a gorgeous layout! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for those yummy flowers.

  6. FABULOUS job Julie! I love how your project finished up… it’s gorgeous!!! I am glad you had fun a learned a few things. Thank you so very much for taking pics of the classes this weekend, I greatly appreciate it:)

    Happy Scrapping!

  7. That’s an incredible piece of art Julie! I love the way you put yours together. it’s so cool to see the different versions of the same product usage.

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