I am inspired this morning with the first blog I visited  One Little Word. Today’s word is…TODAY! What a concept. Carpe Diem! And I plan to do just that. The day has started out wonderfully – just came home from a 12 km bike ride with #1 son. We had fun and great conversation. I am blessed. Relationship building with this young man. Patience is being supplied. God is good. Now into the shower so I can adaquately face the world and off to the furniture store to sit on that couch one more time before handing over the VISA – and maybe find a matching chair…then I can start to think about the drapes. We haven’t had drapes in our family room for six years. Am I a procrasinator?

Following this adventure I am off to grocery shopping. Number two son is due home for some R&R this weekend and I plan to cook every one of his favorite meals starting with Turkey and all the fixin’s – yup it is Thanksgiving at our house this weekend!  Then back to the mundane stuff – like tidying the house and getting sheets washed etc in #2 son’s bedroom…am I a good Mom or what. Ah…don’t you just love a day off work?

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