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Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.
C. S. Lewis

I have been reading Mere Christianity (again – read it years ago). Interesting book but my mind is not grasping all this very intelligent man has to say. I wonder if it is old age or just lack of use that is making my brain so nonabsorbent.

Have you read Mere Christianity? Your thoughts? Is this the right book to give to someone who does not know Christ?


One thought on “Another quote

  1. Hi. I realize this was posted quite some time ago and you may not be monitoring this post, but I figured I would put my thoughts in anyways. To me, Mere Christianity has been the most influential book in my life, aside from the Bible. It is hard for me to determine whether it would be suitable for a non-believer, as I read it 10-yrs after accepting Christ. However, I can imagine that Lewis’ “I don’t care if you like or agree with what I say, this is the truth” style will either be refreshing to a non-believer or could totally turn them off. His easy to grasp metaphors also provide a new approach that make the truth he speaks very real and understandable. However the non-believing reader takes Lewis, it will make them think. As you hit on the head, this is not an easy read, but a challenging and potentially VERY rewarding endeavor for one who takes full advantage of it. Don’t know if this helps, just thought I’d add some insight.

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