We are renovating the family room – long overdo. 25 year old carpet, 30 year old coffee table – yup! Long overdo! We have decided on hardwood – maple. Pretty stuff. It is also pricey but the install is even pricier – and no we are not inclined in any way to install it ourselves. We decided with much discussion that yes we could manage getting the baseboards off and taking out the old carpet – but that will be as “handy” as we get. Managing to get it to the dump will be another dilemma. Know anyone with a truck?

We have also decided on the new leather couch. We visited it four times before we sealed the relationship with the VISA card (think of the points). Due date is about 6 weeks (we are not even close to getting the room ready for this grand delivery – floor has to go in). Included with the couch is a matching leather chair (easy choice) and another chair (extremely difficult choice) – with an interesting pattern on it. I have had a few nightmares about whether this chair will work or not – I mean really it is just a chair! It is just a chair – okay it is two days pay but it is just a chair!

The area carpet was easy – neutral shag! Shag is in right? Then I caught a designing show on TV while doing the ironing yesterday – funky patterned area carpets are THE rage. OH! That’s enough shirts for this week.

The drapes? Not even going there right now – that is one too many decisions for this week. I have brought some samples home but nothing is jumping out and saying – me! me! I am the PERFECT fit for the look you are going for. I don’t even know the LOOK we are going for. It’s a floor, a brown couch and chair and another chair with a pattern – which is disturbing my sleep! That’s it!

I can throw a scrap book page together in seconds, so why is the family room so difficult? Maybe it needs to be 12×12! I keep looking in magazines for our family room – the completed version. Then I can just say – see? there – do that!

So that is the reno saga up to now. I thought this was supposed to be exciting, but perhaps that will come when this awful carpet is out of here…as long as we don’t destroy the walls removing the baseboards …sigh.

Here is the sneak view of our couch… due to arrive in about 6 weeks to be placed on beautiful maple floors. I cannot cope with a premature delivery. We are not getting the pillows $70 each – do you believe it?  I will visit Wal-Mart for that one.

 Got a truck? Will feed you supper. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Renos

  1. Hi Julie, as a matter of fact I do know someone with a truck! My son-in-law has his own little business called Almost Anything and he does odd jobs for people and one of the jobs is hauling stuff to the dump (and to Calgary!!!!) only has done that once I think. Anyway, I don’t have a clue what he charges but his cell # is 227-7874 if you would like it. Maybe he would do it for supper, don’t know!

  2. Hey Cheryl, really? I mean seriously? I talked to my husband tonight and we WILL be giving your son-in-law a call! What do you do with all this old carpet? Thanks for this great tip!

  3. Did you find a truck yet? We also have one too you could use, and Rick’s great at lifting all that heavy carpet 🙂

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