Unexpected sighting

It is always important when out on a bike ride to stop and check out the scenary. If you are like me, most of your attention is on the trail in front of you and getting ready to change gears before it is too late and you can’t make it up the hill. I am no longer in my twenties.

So we stopped on the bridge…and of course I had my spiffy and convenient Lowpro slingshot camera case with me.  That is also another very important part of every bike ride.

Now this looks odd.

ice, snow and discarded computer screens under the bridge

Change to my zoom lens….

upside down computer screen on the brink of total submersion

Another angle….

hanging in there!

Darn! If I didn’t have to get to work in an hour, I would sit here with the camera on multiple frames and very fast shutter speed and wait for THE picture – the sun was warm and coming its way. This heavy screen was not going to last long…I waited 15 min and it didn’t budge. sigh.

I sure it is now just another blob of rusting metal at the bottom of the river.


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