Gratitude list

“The life of true holiness is rooted
in the soil of awed adoration.
It does not grow elsewhere.
That which grows elsewhere is not true holiness, whatever else it is.
No blend of zeal, passion, self-denial, discipline, orthodoxy, and effort adds up to holiness

where praise is lacking” 

~ J.I. Packer


61. Grateful for His power and awesome creativity being revealed to me daily.

62. The sweet smell of a newborns head. How I miss this. Oh to cuddle my babies again, hold them tight and smell their goodness.


 63. Sleep – His gift to me after a busy day. A reprieve from the world.

64. Warmth and security behind the door.

65. knowing that whatever the day might bring, after that cold dark drive home from work, there are loved ones waiting for me.

 66. The wind – blowing refreshment through the back sliding door, pushing out the stale air and bringing in the new.

67.  A bowl of cheerios late in the evening – a little goodness for the stomach. Contentment before I crawl into bed.

68. Thunder, pounding rain, the sky opening up and pouring out it’s rinse cycle on the world, refreshing, cleaning, renewing saturating my every breath with goodness.

69. Sushi – mmm healthy goodness, so satisfying, so delicious.

70. The safe return of my loved ones at the end of the day. The sigh of relief as I hear their car pull into the driveway and the back door open. Thank you Lord for protecting them one more day.  


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