Gratitude List

Lord God, I am thankful for….

71. Surprises! My son and daughter-in-law driving 16 hrs to come for a surprise visit. Getting to hug them when I went to bed not knowing when I would see them next. Oh thank you Lord for those hugs.

72. A computer that moves almost as fast as I do. Thank you Paul!

73. Safety on the highway for number one son taking his first lone trip to a far away place. Thank you Lord for bringing him home safely. Thank you Lord for letting him experience new challenges. Thank you Lord for growing him.

74. Seeing my children grow as they face new trials and new challenges.

75. Raspberries ripe on the bush.

76. Summer sunsets on the prairies.

77. Opportunities for my kids to spend time together camping, laughing, cooking together, praying together.

78. The smell of tomato plants in August.

79. Journals kept years ago and read today, bringing good memories and joys to life again.

80. The Holy Spirit, who slowly keeps me coming back when the world tries to pull me away.


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