Gratitude list – so much to give thanks for…

81. Today I spent a good part of the day securing care for a homeless fellow. He is a harmless, meek fellow who just wants to be left alone to live the risky life on the street that he has lived for the past 50 years. But he needs care now as his body is worn from years of abuse and street living. He would walk onto a busy highway oblivious to the oncoming semi if left to his own devises. He did this a week ago and only by the grace of God was he not hit and did the other three cars who swerved along with the semi not hit each other. He has no place to live. No one wants him. He is too risky for any home to take this kind of responsibility. He is an outcast of society. But to return “home” to the streets would mean sure death within 24 hrs. I am sure he has a story to tell. Would anyone listen? No family, no friends. So I ask myself, why Lord? Why was he born into a family who didn’t care? He has lived on the streets for so many years….and them we pick him up and put him in an institution – jail to him! But the alternative?  So today I am sad for this man. Sad that he likely has never known a loving caring home in his 50+ years. Sad that he has never known joy, kindness, love, contentment…..except in a bottle. Sad that the system has to lock him up to protect him against himself. So I ask the Lord why?   ” I knit you together in your mothers womb”

82. I am thankful that my children are loved, cared for and protected. That the world, as evil as it is, cannot penetrate this parents love or the love of Christ.

83. I am thankful that in the huge scheme of things….it is not about this world and all its shortcomings. It is about Jesus Christ and it is about where we will spend eternity!Think about this. Does your life revolve around the THINGS of this world?

84. I am thankful that even though I can not find a solution for this fellow, I can pray for him – even at work, surrounded by unbelievers.Who can stop me from praying?

85. Oh I am so thankful for a conversation with a co-worker, who I seldom speak with, saying to me “We need to pray for him” She knew I was a fellow believer and what a joy to hang up the phone in the midst of my crazy, pressured and weary day with constant roadblocks, to turn to the Lord for a solution.

86. What a joy to know that a believer out there, saw in me, Christ – for whatever reason, and was able to say “Let’s pray for him” This NEVER happens in my line of work. Oh what an encouragement and what a return to truth – to what really matters….. in the midst of politics and budgets and policy!

87. Thankful for answered prayer on a temporary solution which provides safety for this guy. Oh Lord help me find a home for him next week. Please pray with me for this.

88. Thankful to return home after 10 hrs of constant stress and pressure…… to my son, home visiting from Brandon – a reminder to me that God has so blessed this family in ways I can never, ever describe.Thank you Lord!

89. Thankful for a home that is comfortable, clean, filled with good food and comfortable beds….a home that is safe, a home that knows Jesus Christ!!…..when so many do NOT have this!

90. Thankful that HE alone is in control and that if we do not give complete control over to Him and Him alone….there is no hope….no hope at all and the trials of this world will just overtake us and overwhelm us daily and eternally. Oh Lord Jesus, how can I give thanks for this?


2 thoughts on “Gratitude list – so much to give thanks for…

  1. Gratitude lists are a manifesting tool that is working in my life. The only thing that really matter is if we can find love sometime in this life.


  2. Gratitude lists help remind me (when I would rather be drawn in to navel staring) that there are many blessings in my life. They make the glass half full rather than half empty. 🙂 And this outlook makes all the difference in how I go about my day.

    Ah yes, to be loved. But the love of man is unreliable at best, it fails at times and is tainted with self-centeredness. Alas even my own love for my family fails and is self focused at times.

    But the love of Christ is perfect, unfailing, complete and available to all – even those completely unloved by this world. He is the essence of love, sacrifice, devotion – all untainted by sin.

    Thanks for posting Brenda and I hope your gratitude list keep you focused on the beautiful gifts He gives us every day.

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