God the All

Oh God whose will conquers all,

There is no comfort in anything if it does not include You and Your glory;

You are all in all, and all the things I enjoy are just what YOU make them and no more.

I love your will, whatever it is.

And even if you gave me a choice in my daily happenings, I would turn all decisions over to you;

For you are infinitely wise and never make mistakes or do wrong.

And me well, I make mistakes, often.

I am rejoicing to think that you have everything under your control

and I am perfectly happy to leave them right there.

Then, my prayers are filled with praise and I just adore and bless you.

What can I give you for all of this?

I want to do something…..but I have nothing to offer.

I can just rejoice again, that you do it all.

And no one in heaven or on earth shares that honour.

What can I do to glorify your blessed name?

…..  but surrender my soul

and my body

to You.

You alone are the author and the finisher of my faith

My whole salvation and the whole of redemption is Yours alone!

Every good work or thought found in me…

…it is because of YOUR power and YOUR grace.

Every good you do in me is for Your good pleasure.

Oh God, it is so amazing that men can talk so much about man’s human power and goodness

But if you didn’t hold us back every second….we would just be so terribly wicked.

Oh, by bitter experiences, how you have taught me this about myself.


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