Valley of Vision #3

God the Source of all Good,

The heavens declare your glory,

the earth declares your riches,

the whole universe is Your temple and your presence fills it’s immensity!

…and yet in your pleasure you have created life…and shown this life happiness.

You have made me what I am and given me all that I have;

It is in You that I live and move and have my being;

Your plan has decided where I will be born and where I will live and you wisely plan all the affairs of my life.

So I thank you Lord for the riches you have given me in Christ Jesus….

Oh I thank you for revealing HIm to me in your Word.

Here, in your Word I see Him, his character, his grace, glory, humiliation. suffering, death and His resurrection.

Oh Lord do not let me have one moment when I do not need Him – make me to be continually in need of Him, to cry with Job, “I am vile” and with Peter “I perish” and with the publican, “Be merciful to me a sinner”

Lord, take away the love of sin that is within me. Let me know my need of renewal and forgiveness through Jesus so that I can see you and enjoy you forever.

I come to you today solely in the name of Jesus with absolutely nothing of my own to plead. What have I to offer you? – no works, no worthiness, no promises.

I oppose your authority, I stray from you and I often abuse your goodness.

Lord I know how I need your favor and you have given it. I know your glory and my need to consider it in all things.

Impress in me deeply Lord a sense of your incredible omnipresence. You are my path and my way, my lying down and getting up, my beginning and my end.



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