Fall thoughts

Pro 16:9 We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

My plan – to get in some exercise, biking or walking…But things got in the way and before I headed out the rain and wind had started. I just had time to trim back the raspberry  in preparation for next years crop. And the rain started. I have maybe 6 raspberry bushes – so no big feat. I was just so easily distracted by the tall lanky new growth on this years raspberry plants waving to me at my den window. They are now gone and only the rain on my window reminds me that I didn’t get in any exercise today.

I cleaned out the fridge. It is one of those cold windy fall like days when I feel the need to make a nutritious, hearty soup for my family. So I puttered in the kitchen, cleaning, cutting, stirring, tasting until it is close. Now it need only simmer all afternoon filling the house with the aroma of a fall meal.

And the rain came down. I wish I could capture the sweet smell. The smell of God cleaning the world. Ah if only all could be cleansed. Prayer. It feels good to breath in a deep breath of His creation. Thank you Lord.

I regret seeing summer come to a close, but I also smile at the thought of fall. Crisp evenings, cool mornings. His colours brilliantly displayed – such a wonder. The air – what is it in the air that is so refreshing and so invigorating? Fall leaves under foot. It is the most beautiful time of year.

I feel an urge to get the books out and plan the lessons, make sure the programs are all sorted out and our days are full of learning and fun. Sigh…but the big old long oak kitchen table is gone and the small round glass table reminds me that I have moved into an new era. They are off establishing themselves. Still requiring lots of prayer….and the Lord has granted me more time to pray for them.

Yes fall is coming…

The flowers are starting to fade.

Today’s hearty soup waits for the grown kids to come home for supper
– some of them anyways. Enough to fit nicely around the small table. Maybe a friend as well? There’s plenty!
It will be served up with hot corn bread fresh from the oven
and with butter and mmmmmm’s
Joy to a mothers heart.

Today’s Andy Rooney quote…

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”

Enjoy climbing your mountain today and remember, the Lord determines our steps.


4 thoughts on “Fall thoughts

  1. Thanks for that post 🙂 It was beautiful!

    It seems like fall here too. After I cleaned up after dinner, I decided to go for a walk. Paul is at a meeting tonight. And as I stepped out the door, I noticed it was sprinkling . . . but I decided I needed the fresh air and exercise anyway! I finally got a rain jacket, so now it doesn’t stop me. 🙂

    Your soup looks great!

    Love you!

  2. It was very windy along with the downpour here today – so I am sticking with my excuse 🙂 even though I have all the rain gear I need.
    You finally got a rain jacket?? You should have several given the climate you live in. 🙂 Get that husband of yours to buy you a nice rain hat to go with it. Love you too!

  3. Julie,
    Was that an All-Clad pot on your stove? I just love All-Clad! Not to be materialistic..I just notice these things. 🙂 We’ve had a lot of rain here too. Yesterday before the storm the temp on my back porch was 103 and after it was 88! Thank God for the rain!!

  4. No Laurie, it is Lagostina – I love these heavy duty pots. David bought me a set last year after the kitchen reno – 50 year old hand me down Reverware just was not pretty enough – still perfectly useful, but not pretty. 🙂 ….not that we are materialistic…. hahah
    103 – man that is slow you down hot!

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