Gratitude List

Feeling very tired tonight. Busy day with lots of challenges. Work can be draining, but somehow I do enjoy the challenges and some days I almost feel like I am actually helping people. Today I made two families very happy and their “thank you so much for all your help” …well those words just make my day …the other ten I am not sure. Trying to be a thankful person. My boss is happy too and very appreciative of all I do. That makes me very happy and content too.

My days do fly by. Glenda came in to my office today. You do know you wrote Oct 17th on that last dated note don’t you…um it is November she says with a smile. I sigh….”I will write a correction” she tells me knowing I do not have time. A ‘correction’ because once on file always on file.

It seems one moment it is 7:45 am and I am unlocking my office, turning on my computer, hanging up my jacket and settling in with my extra large decaf coffee from Intermission House and four messages on the phone. In a blink of an eye my cup is empty and Heather arrives at my office door…”coffee time, come on girl!” She comes from the other side of the office to get me. She knows it is hard for me to drag myself away. I am thankful for her.

It is 10:00am and the office is gathering in the staff room. I will just return one more call, write one more dated note….and I look at the clock. Coffee time is long gone and lunch is around the corner. No wonder I feel hungry. Finally at 1 pm I head to the staff room to heat up lunch, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and head to the bathroom.  I have discovered I can use the bathroom in less than 2 minutes.

No one is in the staff room so I take my heated leftovers back to my desk. The question now looms…can I get out the door on time today? Two o’clock, I ‘m doing okay catching up on messages, returning calls, typing, typing and more typing. Everything said and done is recorded in clients files. Three o’clock and the gang is at coffee and  I have one hour to finish up, tie all the loose ends and make sure nothing was left undone. It is never enough time. Four o’clock comes and goes, 4:20pm, I am close, one more dated note on file. Glenda pops her head in again…are you going home? Yah, in a minute, almost there.

Flying out the door at 4:45pm. But the day actually felt like about 5 hours, maybe even less. And you know I like my job. I like being busy. Nothing in my office is ever boring. And some days I get thank yous from two families.

so…on to my gratitude list because there is so much to be thankful for.

101. I have a job that pays me well, challenges me and allows me to help people live better lives. I have friends at work who care about me and let me know. Now that makes going to work so much nicer.

102. My house is quiet tonight and when I finish this I am going to bed. I can crawl into my bed and open the good book and be thankful because He is my Rock and my Foundation.

102. My husband is on the other side of the world but when I get up in the morning there will be an e-mail from him telling me he loves me. And I love him too.

103. My car is on empty and the light is on telling me to fill it up. That means leaving earlier for work tomorrow morning. But I have heated seats and I think next to electricity that is one of the best inventions in the whole world. That,  and remote starts. So I leave a Little early and get gas. Maybe I will pick up my coffee first and enjoy it while I wait for the fill – yes I will indulge in the full service lane I think.Thankful for heated seats, my decaf coffee and full service fills. teva-sandal1

104. I have three new pair of shoes. No I don’t have a shoe fetish. The opposite actually. I NEVER buy shoes. It has been over a year – maybe two. It is so obvious that my husband tells me to go out and get some shoes. I love my TEVA sandals and my feet love them, …so why cram my poor feet into something for 8 hours that will make them hurt. I wear my Teva sandals and my Teva sandals alone until it snows. dansko-clog2

However, winter is coming…so I bought some dress shoes for dinners out (Badly needed), some cool dansko clogs that are so comfortable and some sensible leather shoes to wear with slacks. I feel blessed. I love my new clogs. Are they not so cool? And they are incredibly comfortable. I am wearing them as I type.

105. My son is enjoying his first job in his new career. He is a firefighter in Thompson Manitoba. Thankful he is enjoying this new work. Hoping there will be some firefighting positions in Saskatoon soon so he can come home.Thankful tha I can pray for him and for his safety.

106. Fabric softener. Does wonders for making clothes smell so good. I am out of it. I need more.

107. Pictures of an alligator. Yes I saw an alligator in South Carolina while visiting my sister and he stood still for me for 10 minutes while I changed lenses and zoomed in on him. Way more fun then my gecko pictures. Although I was able to get a lot closer to the geckos.hehe

108. No blizzards yet. My husband is out of town and I don’t want to shovel snow by myself. Thankful.

109. Harold likes the gift we brought him home from S. Carolina. Liars dice. It is a game of dice the pirates are playing on Pirates of the Caribbean II. We have played it several times together. Thankful that it is giving us opportunity to spend time with him having fun. Thankful for board games – they allow conversation and quality time together.

110. Thankful for our friend Ken who made the long drive to spend an evening with us recently…and play Liars dice with us. Ken is a good liar. So is David. I am NOT! I lost! Thankful Ken feels he can just pick up the phone and call us and say. “How ya doing” Thankful that Ken loves to come for supper at our house. Gives me reason to cook a little something special. Thankful for friends who really care.

So much to be thankful for. God is so good to us.


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