Pressing on? or Deluded Hypocrite!

“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.  Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Php 3:12 -14

Our safety is seen in the words “because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” In other words, our security is not based finally on our grip on Christ, but his grip on us. The crucial thing to see is that the firmness of Christ’s grip on us produces our pursuit of him.”I press on . . . because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” John Piper

Worldly indifference and spiritual disinterest are not the results of Christ “making me His own” … and yet what exactly do I value in the day to day busyness of my life? Is it Christ?

I think if I am to be truthful to myself and to Him, I value my work, the money (even if it is used in part for the advancement the kingdom), my rest, my health, my family….my comforts. Not that my Lord does not want me to have these thing, but do I value them more then Him? Does He get first place in just fleeting moments of my week?

So I ask myself and I ask God…”How do I pursue you, Lord when I am neck deep in the busyness of this world? ”

Piper asks a better question and isn’t that why I read Piper… “What does the eternally secure saint do that confirms he is a secure saint and not a deluded hypocrite?”

The apostle Paul tells us point blank…

But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ Php 3:7-8

Ouch! Am I a secure saint pressing on?

Or a deluded hypocrite who shows up at church every week, makes it for prayer time, prepares the PowerPoint for worship time, adds to biblical and theological discussions, attends the weekly Bible study and gives the Lord a few moments each day in the Word and prayer….because that is who I am and I am supposed to do these things. But after this I pursue my job, the money, my rest….

Am I a secure saint, pursuing Christ? Or a deluded hypocrite?

The answer to that questions has eternal ramification…

It should shake me up. And it does.

In some way or form I have been asking myself and Christ, that very question for some time. It has been easy to ignore any answer from Him or myself, because I have been so busy with all these things in the world that I am pursuing. I have been….well..deluded.

I have been waiting for Him to point me in the right direction…which tells me I am less of a deluded hypocrite then I might think because I am at least noticing my delusion. But how long do you NOT pursue Christ and get away with it… Is it possible that I just might be a full fledged deluded hypocrite?

Well, He is shaking me up and I do hope he keeps shaking me up and gets me back on the track soon. The comforts and ‘rewards’ of this world are very alluring. I have a lot of them and I like them, so being delusional is really attractive.

How about you? If you are not sure if you might be wavering into the realm of deluded hypocrite, then read John Pipers article here. All you secure saints need not bother with it.

After a little Piper conviction, let us  just keep running the race together shall we? With our eyes firmly on the prize – Jesus Christ. I’ll help you up and dust you off when you fall  and you can wait for me when I fall face first in the mud. It’s okay. The beauty of this race is that just being in it and moving forward secures the prize for us, no matter how many times we fall or how bad we fall.

Even if we stop running and stand at the side of the track for a while thinking we are actually running when we are not, the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Encourager never leaves us there for too long. Someone comes along and says “Your not moving, you know. You had better get those legs going again or you won’t make it to the finish line” And we look down and realize we haven’t moved an inch. In our minds we were moving right along with all the others.  A little deluded? And we realize just how stupid and self centered we have been (read repentance because this is sin) and so we get back in to the race and adjust our muddy glasses and there He is!

Press on with me saints!



We are renovating the family room – long overdo. 25 year old carpet, 30 year old coffee table – yup! Long overdo! We have decided on hardwood – maple. Pretty stuff. It is also pricey but the install is even pricier – and no we are not inclined in any way to install it ourselves. We decided with much discussion that yes we could manage getting the baseboards off and taking out the old carpet – but that will be as “handy” as we get. Managing to get it to the dump will be another dilemma. Know anyone with a truck?

We have also decided on the new leather couch. We visited it four times before we sealed the relationship with the VISA card (think of the points). Due date is about 6 weeks (we are not even close to getting the room ready for this grand delivery – floor has to go in). Included with the couch is a matching leather chair (easy choice) and another chair (extremely difficult choice) – with an interesting pattern on it. I have had a few nightmares about whether this chair will work or not – I mean really it is just a chair! It is just a chair – okay it is two days pay but it is just a chair!

The area carpet was easy – neutral shag! Shag is in right? Then I caught a designing show on TV while doing the ironing yesterday – funky patterned area carpets are THE rage. OH! That’s enough shirts for this week.

The drapes? Not even going there right now – that is one too many decisions for this week. I have brought some samples home but nothing is jumping out and saying – me! me! I am the PERFECT fit for the look you are going for. I don’t even know the LOOK we are going for. It’s a floor, a brown couch and chair and another chair with a pattern – which is disturbing my sleep! That’s it!

I can throw a scrap book page together in seconds, so why is the family room so difficult? Maybe it needs to be 12×12! I keep looking in magazines for our family room – the completed version. Then I can just say – see? there – do that!

So that is the reno saga up to now. I thought this was supposed to be exciting, but perhaps that will come when this awful carpet is out of here…as long as we don’t destroy the walls removing the baseboards …sigh.

Here is the sneak view of our couch… due to arrive in about 6 weeks to be placed on beautiful maple floors. I cannot cope with a premature delivery. We are not getting the pillows $70 each – do you believe it?  I will visit Wal-Mart for that one.

 Got a truck? Will feed you supper. 🙂

Do I need another blog to manage?

Here I am setting up a site at WordPress…do I have TIME for this?…What am I doing? I am going to put a pot of coffee on first. I might be here a while.

Okay, mug in hand… well close by enough to take sips while I think. The house is quiet, messy, but quiet. So why am I setting this up when I have two other blogs? I have been feeling of late that since my two other blogs are very scrapbook focused and my following over there are mostly scrapbookers (as far as I can tell) I needed another venue. huh?

I love my scrapbook community – great gals! Maybe some lurking guys. We have a great scrapbooking network happening and it rocks. The three layouts sitting next to me here just waiting for some glue and embellishments are testimony to my addiction and passion. And I will still post daily (my goal which I attained in April – yahoo!) on my scrapbooking site and keep the Hawaii site up to date…those three layouts beside me? Hawaii!

Make Mine a Decaf is for talking, musing, sharing, fun everyday stuff, photos and whatever I feel impressed upon to share that day. I will spare you any trials – life is too good and short to complain – even in a fun way so remind me of this if you here even the slightest complaint please. This site is more about me and less about scrapbooking…although you can bet you will hear about the latest embellishments here.

I do have other passions and this site is for sharing them, having a laugh and just connecting with anybody who wants to talk. So grab your java – decaf or real, and pull up a chair – clothing optional.

One of my passions is my faith in Christ. I am even up for theological discussions (not debates – grace everyone!). Another  passion is my family (check out that banner! – yes Mom and Dad can’t jump on cue).  I have the sweetest husband – you might hear about him too…maybe even a picture which leads me to another passion – photography. You will definitely see that (I wonder what my Gb limit is on typepad) haha.

This morning (got to go to work at noon) the plan is to get Make Mine Decaf up and running and finish off two pages to hang at JSI this afternoon. Think I can do it? Me neither – but it is a plan! Did I say I was a type A? I should be at the gym or on my bike with my camera – so many things I want to do. I will think about the dishes, laundry and clutter in the family room tonight after work…I will probably think about it tomorrow too…then I will ask someone to do something about it – the first person to plunk down on the couch to watch TV. Yeah! I think that will be my new motto – “anyone watching TV has time to do something around here”  My sweet husband may not like that!